January 21st, 2020

On television recently, figures were announced suggesting 20% of people in this country think the issue of climate change is very important.

So, 80% of people are carrying on with everyday life in ‘business as usual’ mode….?

Do these people not know the scientific facts….?

Here they are (and welcome to my blog, if you haven’t visited it before…!):

The Earth is heating up and, if the current warming trend continues, it is on track for temperatures to rise by 3-5 degrees Celsius. 

That doesn’t sound a huge amount, but temperature rises of 2C have long been regarded as the gateway to dangerous warming.

Drastic freshwater and food shortages, uninhabitable parts of the world (causing climate migration – where could people go…?), deaths from floods, storms and heatwaves would all follow….


To achieve this goal, “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes” need to take place in all aspects of society – changes to energy systems, changes to the way we manage land, changes to the way we move around with transportation.

The 20 warmest years on record all occurred in the past 22 years, with 2015-18 making up the top four.

2020 is seen as a vital year, in which we all need to take action – the window of opportunity remains open, to save the world from climate catastrophe.


So, of course work, holidays, family visits, illness, 

births, weddings, deaths,

in fact ALL OF LIFE

must still happen for all of us

BUT alongside a constant background of new ways of living 

(after all, none of the above exists in a dead world*…):

less waste (especially plastic)

less meat

less driving

less flying

(and switching to green electricity suppliers)

Carbon dioxide emissions need to be drastically reduced. We can all contribute to this; and if the demand for stuff, petrol, meat etc reduces, less will be produced too, a virtuous circle. 

I’m really sorry if I’m ‘preaching to the converted’… I’d like instead to be reaching the unconverted – could you please help reach them: the more of us acting for change, the better. 

And of course we must make it very clear to our government that we need brave, radical action – 

please write to your MP, stressing how important you see the 2020 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow: a chance for the UK to lead the world in tackling climate change.

*an extreme phrase, I realise – sadly, the UN’s biodiversity chief has said: “We are leaving our children a dead world”…..

2 thoughts on “LOUD and CLEAR

  1. Some sacrifice now is better than a dead world. We just have to keep fighting, having the conversations and writing the letters. Best wishes.


    1. Thanks, Sharon ! I don’t know if you noticed, but that blog was shorter than usual & ‘plain & simple’ without my usual character… I’ll be writing the ‘proper’ piece on Saturday, but just had to get the basic message out before then – I’ve been giving out my ‘no business as usual’ cards to all & sundry….!


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