Lockdown #10

May 18th, 2020

This is going to be a more personal ‘episode’ (I think?!)

Lockdown is definitely beginning to ‘get to me’….

Everything seems more heightened, the negative stuff particularly unfortunately.

My personal living circumstances couldn’t be more idyllic and just ‘up my street’ – a person who’s not exactly sociable – ‘locked in’ with my adorable, precious grandchild (plus his parents!) in beautiful Gloucestershire countryside.

I’m proud that I haven’t been in a car since March; but my husband is ‘out there’ once a week, shopping for us all – the plastic packaging makes me very depressed, even more so now somehow.

I don’t really understand how everyone doesn’t take that personally….?!

We’re trapped in ‘the system’ is the excuse for most of us….

Thank goodness Greenpeace and other campaigners are tackling what is such an enormous problem, part of the huge environmental mess we’ve made for ourselves.

There was a virtual screening of ‘The Story of Plastic’ at the end of April, broadcast by Greenwire (a Greenpeace platform) – I couldn’t bear to watch it (goodness knows how I watched that impressive but deeply depressing Meat documentary made by Liz Bonnin…).

If you’ve got the strength/stomach, the film was produced by Break Free from Plastic and first aired on Discovery Channel (US), continuing to be aired on Discovery Network affiliates around the world as late as June. A virtual community screening is open to grassroots groups, educators and individuals; and The Story of Plastic is also available to watch on the subscription DiscoveryGo streaming service, for rent on Amazon, on Apple TV, and on Xfinity video-on-demand.

So many compromises have to be made – only the most ‘squeaky clean’ can do without Amazon, these days (…?!).

I’m consoling myself with the thought that ‘something is better than nothing’ – I’m collecting plastic to be ‘upcycled’ (eventually) by Terracycle, while promoting watching a film about the evils of plastic through Amazon…..!

And some news that definitely chimes with the compromise theme this week that really, strangely, lifted my spirits – BP’s Bernard Looney (my ‘friend’ whom I’m yet to actually meet…) has said the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has deepened his commitment to shrinking the oil giant’s carbon footprint to zero.

Finally, for today, I hope you all (maybe that’s only 6 of you…?!) might be interested in getting tickets for a virtual gig/performance this evening, please – Gecko, who happens to be my son, is on the bill with Isabel Losada ‘the joyful environmentalist’.

One positive consequence (there aren’t many for struggling artists) of the world of live music, arts and theatre disintegrating due to Covid-19 is that there’s a possibility of audiences in Australia, Africa, the US and the UK all being at the same event….

Check out http://www.sofastory.club

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