Freedumb in the UK 1

July 24th, 2021

I started this project more than two years ago, inspired by the birth of my son’s son. Today my daughter’s daughter is one week old.

I am even more determined that the Earth should be a better place.

The record high temperatures in the UK over the last week (what a week to be born in…?!), the floods in Western Europe and China, as well as more wildfires in America, should surely wake the world up to the climate emergency?

There are 100 days left until the climate conference in Glasgow (COP26). What gets decided at this summit will shape the future for everyone, but particularly the youngest amongst us…

As hosts, the UK plays a vital role in ensuring world leaders do everything they can to limit global temperature rise to 1.5C and secure a healthier, greener, fairer future.

Please visit The Climate Coalition team online, to see what they’re doing to remind Boris Johnson and co to ‘step up’…

And, to coincide with this new feeling of urgency, the Campaign for the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (a new UK law to protect our precious Earth) has re-named itself Zero Hour.

“Zero Hour literally means the time an operation has to begin.

In other words…

For decades, we’ve known about climate change, for decades, we’ve talked.

For decades, we’ve hesitated.

But, now we have to take action.

Now, it’s Zero Hour nature.

Zero hour for the UK’s future.

It’s time to act….”

They have the backing of 112 MPs (no Conservatives, I think, predictably – they’re under the illusion that they’re doing enough with their Environment Bill, far from it…) and 82 councils.

Three of my local councils are named as supporters – I’ve written to my ‘contact’ at one, a large one, that’s missing….

Ben Fogle, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Konnie Huq and Thom Yorke (Radiohead) are ‘signed up’ as well – hopefully, their names will bring more publicity to the campaign.

It would be great if you could check too, please!

Now, oat milk!

We haven’t drunk/bought dairy milk for a while …

Primarily, this is to end our support for livestock farming, a significant contributor to climate change (so much of the Earth’s land is wasted, and degraded, on feeding animals).

And cows are made to have calves, which are then unnaturally taken away from them….Too much stuff goes on ‘behind the scenes’ that we conveniently close our minds to…so that we can carry on drinking milk & eating meat…

I’ve discovered there are added benefits to drinking oat milk instead! It tastes good, much more gentle, smooth somehow!

Also, particularly noticeable in the recent heatwave, it doesn’t go ‘off’ as quickly as dairy milk – ‘best consumed within 4 – 5 days of opening’ (an unopened life, in fridge, of about 3 weeks).

I’m keen to promote the English oat milk, Pure Oaty, from Glebe Farm Foods – they’re being taken to court by Oatly, unbelievably…. That Swedish company seems to be getting ‘too big for its boots’ and turning into a typical greedy multi-national…..

Hopefully, Jord (‘Nordic oat drink’ stocked by Sainsbury’s, that we drink) isn’t going the same way.

Pure Oaty is stocked by the Co-op, but not in all stores – maybe ask for it, as I did in our local store.

Greenpeace is running a campaign to raise awareness about Tesco’s dubious environmental record. The company sells more meat and uses more soya for animal feed than any other supermarket in the UK. Tesco has made a commitment to remove deforestation from its supply chain – yet it’s still buying meat reared on South American soya and from companies (Moy Park and Pilgrim’s Pride) owned by notorious forest destroyer JBS.

I’m delivering a letter to our local Tesco manager on Monday.

Greenpeace aims to shine the spotlight of unwelcome publicity on every Tesco store in the UK, believing Tesco cares more about its public image and reputation than it does about the Earth and precious Amazon forests.

You can visit to see which stores haven’t been visited yet – 438 stores ‘done’, 2,297 left apparently!

Finally, I’d like to promote 5 ethical fashion brands using recycled ocean plastic.

Discarded fishing nets (or ghost nets) make up 46% of ocean plastic.

The team at Bracenet say it’s “our mission to retrieve ghost nets from the oceans, as well as to prevent them from polluting the seas in the first place”. They make bracelets, hence the name, and also anklets, keychains, bags, dog leads and more. They even tell you which ocean your Bracenet came from!

Using organic, OceanBalance (™) recycled materials, Fish People has created a collection of clothes for both men and women, including board shorts, leggings, swimsuits and hoodies.

Oceans The Brand boasts that their range is “an absolute win-win for stylish people with a conscience”. They only make men’s shorts, but these come in funky (?!) styles and colours and are made from 100% recycled fibres that come from plastic waste.

Aava offers sea-life inspired swimwear made from reclaimed ocean waste such as plastic bottles and fishing nets. They also make towels and accessories.

And Seamorgens uses regenerated yarn to create a range of women’s leggings and swimsuits.

I hope you’re continuing to visit my Facebook page (lots of campaigns/petitions to join!), Emily Thwaite; and also follow me on Twitter #grandmaglobal

2 thoughts on “Freedumb in the UK 1

  1. Dear Emily , Have just found your blog in Junk.I liked your reference to son’s son and daughter’s daughter. Caroline Osborne ( who used to keep her horse in the Mill field) was so interested in your blog that I promised to send her the link.Have just realised I have never sent her an email…I will ask her for it. We have had torrential rain , alas. Dominic and Jenny will be here on Thursday and will help with various things, but I think the gutter below the flat roof by the back gate has now been washed clean . The rain poured down the chimney in a way I have never seen before, washing clean the fireback. I hope you will find some books and other things you want when you are here , but I know you haven’t much room for more. I am just about to pack up all the remnants of Grandmother’s china for the White Elephant stall at the Fête on September 21. Too much to do! I look forward to further news of Bobbie .How much did she weigh? You were six pounds 12 ounces. C.Osborne had a grand daughter on the same day: Iris. Much love, Mumx



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