Respect your Youngers

January 7th, 2022

I wonder how many people will feel motivated to become climate justice activists after watching the film (Leonardo di Caprlo and Jennifer Lawrence if you’re interested!), ‘Don’t Look Up’……

The world urgently needs more of us!

My husband fears that audiences will just not want to make the connections; and, really sadly, it could even result in ‘ordinary people’ feeling that whatever we do we will not be able to reverse the climate crisis…

I’m firmly hanging on to the idea that small ‘eco’ changes in our own lives can ‘make a difference’ – resulting in friends and family noticing and, more importantly, digging deeper to find out more about the situation we are all living in….

There is really so little time left before the irreversible tipping point, however, that ‘tiny increments of action across decades’ (to quote George Monbiot in The Guardian this week) will not be enough.

However much people hate/disapprove of ‘extreme’ actions by such campaigners as Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain, changing systems is the only way ahead – we cannot rely on the world’s governments, so civil disobedience is completely justifiable.

‘Business as usual’ is not an option.

But if you don’t want to be disruptive, fair enough (!) – just join peaceful campaigning and protests please.

At least 18 peaceful protesters have been jailed in the UK this year.

I expect you know about the imminent UK government’s Police, Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill (the Policing Bill) – we have until mid January to stop some of the worst measures that threaten to take away our democratic freedom to protest. 

Protest is not a Crime!

Our government sidestepped the House of Commons by introducing 18 pages of draconian laws as amendments in the House of Lords, but that means if peers vote against them they can’t be reinserted.

Greens will vote against. Lib Dems say they will vote against. Many Crossbenchers will vote against.

But it’s imperative that the Labour Lords also vote against. As Green peers Jenny Joseph writes (launching the Green Party’s ‘Save the Right to Protest’ campaign), “Labour Lords can’t abstain. They must vote against.”

So, I hope some of you will join me in sending e-mails to a few of the (167!) Labour Peers. 

Just search (using Ecosia?!) ‘Labour Peers’ for a list, click on the ones you choose and their contact details will come up.

Returning to the film ‘Don’t Look Up’, Green MP Caroline Lucas tweeted that it “perfectly captures humanity’s capacity for denying the blindingly obvious, the absurdity of an economic system which puts profit above survival of life on earth & a media mostly choosing to ignore the reality of nature’s collapse”.

I admire Caroline Lucas so much – sometimes I don’t know how she carries on…..

And UN Climate Champion Dale Vince keeps his ‘cool’ in the face of ignorance and short-sightedness – it’s good that he’s on ‘mainstream’ radio and television more and more these days, not just in the ‘green bubble’. 

He’s definitely worth checking out!

And finally, an inspiring child who has been ‘showing the way’ for five years – such commitment.

Elizabeth, the ‘Little Collector’ (caring for Wirral & the World), was featured on BBC’s Countryfile.

Of course, it’s depressing that the 11 year old ends up with such huge amounts of plastic waste after her litter-picks (and try not to notice the passers-by on the beach who seem to completely ignore her…). 

But, she’s right – if we all work together, the impact can be massive.

People power! 

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