Telling them what we think!

February 25th, 2022

“Peatlands are an iconic feature of our landscapes. They are the UK’s largest stores of carbon. They also provide vital ecosystem services, such as supplying over a quarter of the UK’s drinking water, decreasing flood risk, and providing food and shelter for rare wildlife.

When peat is extracted, the carbon stored inside the bog is released as carbon dioxide, contributing to climate change.”

I’m quoting from a government consultation!

If we all knew this, when shopping at garden centres, wouldn’t we be more motivated to loudly protest that there should be a complete ban on peat sales?

Time for a spring 2022 revolution by British gardeners….!!

The more likely scenario is that we’re pointed to the ‘option’ of peat-free composts etc….

But these are more expensive….

“Two thirds of the peat sold in the UK is imported from the rest of Europe. This means that our peat use is directly contributing to carbon emissions and habitat loss outside of the UK; we are exporting the carbon footprint.”

Voluntary targets (set in 2011- the painfully slow pace of environmental change….) to end the horticultural use of peat by 2020 have not been met…..

That is why the current government consultation is out (only 2 years later…??!!).

So PLEASE contribute to it – you have until March 18th.

As the RSPB says, ‘For peat’s sake bring in a ban!’

The questions are not complicated, and I have taken every opportunity to make every year mentioned earlier, stressing the importance of a mandatory ban over voluntary targets…

One more thing I’ve learnt today that might help if you don’t know much about gardening, like me – another quote from the Defra consultation: “growing media is frequently misused by consumers, for example being used as a soil improver rather than a medium in which to propagate plants. Dedicated soil improvers that do not contain peat and widely available and are much more effective.”

Here’s a link to the consultation:

There is another pertinent government consultation open at the moment – this is even more urgent: the deadline is February 28th.

This is more sinister, sadly – it’s assuming the UK must and will grant future licences for new oil and gas, beyond 2050….. doesn’t bear thinking about….

Please join Friends of the Earth (and Greenpeace are also encouraging responses – check their website) in objecting/protesting.

The government may well completely disregard our protests to this consultation, as we’re not technically answering each of their individual questions as individuals (I’d really admire you if you could… very dense stuff….) and could be seen as just the ‘usual suspects’.

But we’ve got to try, haven’t we?!

I feel I can’t really write today without a reference to the war in Ukraine.

Peace is obviously the priority above all.

And it would be so brilliant if the world’s dependence on gas and oil from Russia was now at an end;

But, it looks as if the dependence on coal could be revived instead….

Mm, what a world….

PS yesterday, when I first posted this, I forgot to add that I hope a few people might ‘follow’ (& act on!) my posts on Facebook (Emily Thwaite – send me a ‘like’ request?..) and Twitter (#grandmaglobal) – please!

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