May 22nd, 2019


I’m embarking on a project here that I intend to continue for 12 years!

My aim is to contribute to the activism to stop climate change –

to quote brilliant musician, songwriter & poet Gecko, ‘I may not change the world, but maybe I could slightly’…..

I have been inspired by Greta Thunberg, the schoolchildren protestors and Extinction Rebellion including Jack Harries.

My greatest inspiration is my grandson – he will turn 12 in 2030.

The United Nations reckon we have 12 years to significantly improve his/everyone’s future – let’s do it!

So, my plan is to write to powerful and influential people, asking them what they say to their grandchildren etc about all this.

We’ve just been on holiday around Europe (anti-Brexit, but that’s another story, although related…) – taking planes at the beginning & end of the trip really felt wrong….

So my first emails have been to the CEO of Virgin Atlantic, Josh Bayliss, and the Chair of the Airport Operators Association, Ed Anderson.

I’ll let you know if and when I hear back…

In the meantime, on the eve of the European Elections, I feel fortunate that ‘tactical advice’ means I’ll be voting for the Green Party (I might have been presented with more of a dilemma if I didn’t live in the South West…).

One more small thought – the weather here at the moment is gloriously sunny and warm.

I do find my mood is significantly affected by a lack of light and warmth (a ‘SAD’ tendency), as is most people’s I imagine, and so found myself sharing ‘Thank goodness for the sunshine’ thoughts with an acquaintance at the swimming pool early this morning….

From WWF’s website, one of the common misconceptions about climate change is still that ‘Global warming will mean nicer weather in the UK, more Indian summers and less of our British drizzle’.

Of course weather is one thing and climate another.

But I hope the lovely weather doesn’t just makes us feel happy and think we don’t need to do anything different!

That’s a key issue for me – it’s important to still enjoy life while trying to address problems.

We’re all complicit in ‘bad practice’ and nothing would ever change if only ‘squeaky clean’ people were listened to ….

And of course I realise that the big changes in the world can only happen through global movements, agreements and international and national legislation.

Hopefully, I’m just going to start personal conversations drawing attention to the issue that all this is fundamentally about the lives of every one of us – we all care, surely?!